Turn uncertainty into opportunity.

In our very first season GreekApps have received over 50 000 downloads and that number is growing by the day.

Searches and bookings show that traveller confidence continues to grow and has been trending up from the end of July. The fastest increase in optimism is coming from European travellers.
Many who might not have considered a trip abroad during the 2021 summer holidays are now actively planning for the next opportunity to travel.
In particular, bookings for winter breaks by UK travellers have been gaining steady momentum, with weekly searches for October, December and January trips rising by 185% over the past month.
Interestingly, Australian travellers are appearing more optimistic about travel next year and are already planning trips following the news they could be free to do so once the country’s 70-80% vaccination target is met.
In addition many travel providers – including airlines – are using low prices to help encourage bookings and build confidence as people start to travel again.