Greek Prime Minister: Pfizer’s centre in Thessaloniki a milestone investment


“I am excited to be in Thessaloniki today for this special moment for Pfizer, the city, but also for Albert [Bourla, Pfizer chairman and chief executive officer] who has excelled outside Greece. The discovery of the vaccine against the coronavirus bears his stamp,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted on Tuesday in his greeting at the inauguration of the new facilities of Pfizer’s Global Centre for Digital Innovation and its Global Centre for Business Operations and Services in Thessaloniki, ANA reports.

“Today Albert is returning home and putting his own special stamp on an investment which is a milestone for Thessaloniki and the country in general,” the prime minister stressed, explaining that “next year more than 700 highly-qualified employees will be employed in many different areas of expertise. I believe that one of the main reasons you chose to come here to Thessaloniki is the city’s very capable human resources. These are the young Greeks who have gone abroad and are now returning to their city.”

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