12 Best Greek Museums



Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is a museum in Athens that is devoted to findings from the Acropolis archaeological site. The museum exhibits almost 4,000 objects. There are mainly sculptures that used to decorate the historical sites located on the Acropolis, but also instruments that the inhabitants of Acropolis used in their everyday life. This modern building also offers great views of the sacred site from the top floor.


National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is the largest archaeological museum in Greece. With more than 11,000 exhibits, the museum has one of the greatest collections of ancient Greek sculptures and pottery in the world. Inside, you can see artefacts that are 9,000 years old, as well as artworks from the Greek Golden Age. All are organized into 5 large sections, from sculptures to metallurgy. The majority of the collections comes from Greece, but you can also find an exhibition devoted to Egypt and Cyprus here. Highlights in the museum include a golden mask found in the grave of king Agamemnon and the Antikythera, the oldest computer.


Benaki Museum

Founded by a Greek Collector Antonis Benakis, the Benaki Museum displays collections of historic and artistic artefacts. The collection includes pieces from all around the world – Byzantine art, Chinese porcelain and Greek paintings. There are also religious items, musical instruments, books, weapons and many more.


Museum of Cycladic Art

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a museum in Athens that houses the Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris collection. This couple started to purchase Ancient Greek antiques in the 60s, with a focus to objects of Cycladic art. In 1981, Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris decided that their collection should be permanently exhibited in Athens, resulting in the Athens Museum of Cycladic Art. The exhibition consists of four parts: the Cycladic Collection, a collection of ancient Greek art, the Cypriot collection and an exhibition on everyday life in ancient Greece. Furthermore the museum organizes changing archaeological exhibitions and exhibitions of modern art.


Museum of the Ancient Agora

The Museum of the Ancient Agora (The Agora Museum) is a museum that is located in the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos on the Agora of Athens. The Museum of the Ancient Agora was opened in 1956 and the most important finds from the Agora are displayed on two floors. The ground floor mainly features statues, reliefs and remains of the decoration of the buildings on the Agora. In the ten rooms on the upper floor there is a chronological arrangement of finds dating from the 4th millennium BC. up to the time of the Turkish occupation, including earthenware, statuettes, utensils, coins and bronze objects.


War Museum of Athens

The War Museum of Athens (Athens War Museum) is a museum in the capital of Greece that is devoted to the Greek Armed Forces and that covers the history of war in all ages. This museum houses the historic arms collection of the Greek Ministry of Defense, including the collection of the Greek Army with artifacts from other civilizations such as Ancient China and Ancient Japan. Highlights in the museum are weaponry from wars in which Greece was involved.


Benaki Toy Museum

Connect with your inner child at the new Benaki Toy Museum in Athens, where the young and young at heart can browse more than 20,000 vintage toys from around the world. Admire handmade wooden figurines, fairground souvenirs, board games, traditionally dressed dolls, and more.

Learn about childhood customs from across the globe and ways of playing that reach across cultures. See handmade and antique toys from Greece and beyond Impressive collection includes more than 20,000 unique pieces Housed in a historic building with Art Nouveau and Baroque features Inspiring Athens idea for families, collectors, and crafters



Frissiras Museum

The Frissiras Museum is a museum in Athens that exhibits Greek and other European paintings collected by Vlassis Frissiras.


Museum of Illusions

Treat the kids—or your inner child—to a break from ruins by prebooking tickets to the Museum of Illusions Athens. Deceive your eyes and create compulsive images as you pose in the upside-down room, an infinity mirrored room, the vortex tunnel, and more. Shrink into a chair, become a disembodied head, and enjoy holograms, puzzles, and classic optical illusions.


Athens Olympic Museum

Visit the Athens Olympic Museum, download your voucher on your phone, exchange it with a ticket and get priority access. Enjoy a visit to the first museum dedicated to the Olympic Games in Athens and let the history of the games excite you.


Knossos Palace & Archeological Museum Bus Tour

Visit the cradle of the Minoan civilization, the palace – labyrinth of legendary King Minoas and its mythical Minotaur. In addition explore the Heraklion Archeological Museum, the best in the world regarding the Minoan art as it contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete.


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